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HIV/AIDS more of a chronic disease now rather than a ‘death sentence’

Every year, an average of 14 people are diagnosed with HIV and AIDS in Yuma County, Arizona. However, the fear and stigma revolving around the disease has slowly begun to lessen as the immune system-attacking disease is now being concerned entirely treatable via improved testing and treatments. The disease was deemed a certain death sentence just around a decade and a half ago though today, people with HIV/AIDS can live for 30 years or more of they continue the prescribed treatment and take proper care.

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day helps American women combat the disease better

Across the U.S., initiatives like the Ryan White Part D programs, the AIDS Alliance for Women, Infants, Children, Youth and Families and the National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness day are encouraging people to educate themselves about the impact of HIV/AIDS in communities, the importance of educating girls and women about the ailment and the health inequities that put low-income communities at risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS.

HIV and AIDS program monitoring software to be launched in Antigua & Barbuda soon

Delcora Williams, the AIDS Secretariat Program Manager in Antigua is hopeful that the tiny island nation would soon have a powerful technological weapon that would help the administration assess how effective existing HIV/AIDS program are. Dubbed Spectrum, the web-based program would soon be launched in the nation and would help assess accurately the various costs of services provided to HIV/AIDS patients.

4 best treetop honeymoon options in the world

If you don’t want to step foot on the ground during your magical honeymoon that has you on cloud nine, a treetop honeymoon destination may be the perfect thing for you. The best thing about the unique honeymoon theme is that there are plenty of resorts around the world that have treetop accommodations to suit the needs of newlyweds too. Here are the 4 best treetop honeymoon destinations in the world.

1. Treehotel, Sweden

Honeymoon in Florence and Tuscany and make it a trip of a lifetime

For honeymooners looking for a romantic European getaway after they tie the knot, basking in the warm Italian sun through their Italian honeymoon could be something close to a trip to paradise itself. With glorious coastline and beaches, the region of Tuscany and the city of Florence make an ideal honeymoon destination that allows first time visitors to indulge in fine local wines and splendid Tuscan dishes while traveling through medieval villages on the rolling hills of Tuscany.

Scientists claim that a bee sting may destroy HIV/AIDS virus

Researchers at the St. Louis-based Washington University School of Medicine claim that they have discovered a brand new ‘cure’ for HIV/AIDS. According to their claim, the spread of HIV could easily be prevented by the use of a vaginal cream that gets its magical anti-HIV properties from bee venom. The researchers claim that a chemical found in bee stings named “melittin” actually attacks and actively destroys the HIV/AIDS virus while leaving surrounding bodily cells unharmed.

Interactive HIV/AIDS website launched in Indonesia

The stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS is the single biggest deterrent that prevents people at risk from getting tested. Even though public awareness in the west has been rather successful, the more conservative societies of the world continue to struggle to get the facts about the ailment out in public knowledge. Indonesia AIDS Coalition is an organization working with HIV/AIDS patients in the country which organizes a number of programs and events to spread awareness about the disease. However, a significant portion of the youth and at-risk population of the country continues to struggle to get their facts about the disease right. And that is precisely why the organization has launched a new mobile and web-based application called ‘AIDS Digital’.


Graphic novel looks to educate teens about HIV/AIDS in a relatable way

At the moment, more than 76 percent of all new HIV/AIDS cases reported in the state of South Carolina are seen in the African-American community. Men make up the majority of this figure as well with minors being the most high risk group. Since these young men are less inclined to attend seminars and workshops related to HIV/AIDS education, an organization working with people affected with the disease has not come up with a graphic novel that provides education about the topic that many young people still consider taboo.


Fijian president urges parents to talk to their kids about HIV/AIDS

When the entire population of your island nation is less than a million, you have got to take epidemics like HIV/AIDS a lot more seriously than nations with bigger populations and bigger resources. And that is exactly what Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, the President of Fiji has been doing of late.


Synchrotron light could make the world free of HIV/AIDS

Synchrotron light is a cutting-edge new technology that is helping scientists and medical professionals “see” and analyze traces of viruses left behind after a patient has been through treatments for flu, hepatitis and AIDS. Even though the light hasn’t yet been used in any therapies so far, it could potentially be used to better the results achieved through traditional treatments.